Steering and Suspension


Why is my steering wheel shaking…..

More than likely you have one or more tires out of balance. This can happen by hitting a pot hole, curb, or other obstacle. We recommend having your tires rotated and balanced with every other oil change. If you have recently driven in deep snow you could also have a build up of ice on your rims. There is also the possibility of a loose lug nut. Call Bonfe’s and let us perform a steering and suspension inspection.

My car wants to drift to the side of the road……

If your vehicle is out of alignment, it will drift to one side or the other when you take your hands off the steering wheel. Call Bonfe’s and schedule an alignment check.

I seem to be feeling every bump in the road……

The undercarriage of your vehicle is full of items that require regular inspections. Shocks and struts are two common areas that can wear out and affect the comfort of your ride. Call Bonfe’s and schedule a steering and suspension inspection.