AC Repair


Why is my AC not cooling……..

Of all the repairs we provide, AC service seems to always come on the hottest day of the year.  Your AC not cooling can be as simple as a blown fuse, or one of several other more serious problems. The bottom line is get your vehicle to our shop.  We will start simple, and move on from there.  A normal AC inspection includes:
*  recording the temperature of the air coming out of your AC vents on the coldest setting.
*  testing the systems high and low pressure settings.
*  inspecting the AC lines, belts & hoses.
Many times a leak in a line is not visible to the eye, so we have to put special colored dye in your system along with the necessary freon to get your AC cooling again. In many cases we can send you on your way and have you stop back in 24 hours to see if we can then detect the leak using a special light that can see the dye.
Bonfe’s has ASE trained technicians with the experience necessary to return your vehicle’s AC to working order.