If you are a person that likes to take car matters into their own hands, especially the doable ones, then you should definitely learn the art of replacing the vehicle’s cabin air filter. The cabin air filter is one of those components that car owners often overlook.

This is primarily because not many people realize their importance. Nonetheless, when you take the car to the dealer, the first thing they recommend most of the times is that you get your cabin air filters changed. One of reasons why they recommend this is because it takes the least amount of time.

First timers can easily be done with a filter replacement in less than 15 minutes. It would be best to replace the vehicles filter the same time you change your engine air filter. Just the way your engine needs to have clean air, your passengers inside the cabin also needs to have clean breathable air.

The cabin air filters therefore filter the air coming from the outside. Not only that, but they also clean the air that is being circulated inside and around the cabin. This means that when you run your air conditioner, the air you breathe is the re-circulated air that is inside the cabin.

Changing the Cabin Air Filter

Most vehicles will have the cabin air filter placed in the common spot which is the glove box. However, you also have to consider that not all automobiles have cabin air filters. Only about 80 percent of the vehicles that were manufactured after the year 2000 came with cabin air filters.

You have to start by opening the glove box followed by emptying it. Once you have done that, you will keep the glove box open and press down on each of the two ends of the glove box. Once you will do that, you should notice the glove box has fold down and reveal the interior cabin air filter.

Once you spot the air filter which locates just above the fan, you then have to pull the filter towards you and out of its compartment. Once you do that, you can start with your visual inspection and find for any dust, debris and discoloration of the filter. Then, if the filter looks like it needs a swap, re-install a new filter into the compartment.

Reinstalling the New Air Filter

Before you install the air filter, you will have to take a rag and clean it from the inside and get any remaining dust that is left over in the compartments. This will allow you to have a clean fresh air for the new filter.

When your air filter gets dirty, then it starts over filtering. This is because when the holes and permeation inside the filter get clogged. This means that the filter will not only block the dirt, but also the air flow that it is supposed to let through.

A clogged air filter can cause troubles in the winters and colder weather. This is the time when you need defrost to clear the windshield. Clogged filters will therefore, lead to longer time clearing the frost from the window and increase visibility.