You may know that to keep your vehicle running its best, you have to change the oil routinely. Likewise, when it is time for new brakes or tires, the signs are fairly obvious. But did you know about maintenance items that are more difficult to detect, such as air contaminants? Cabin air filtration is something many people do not think about, but it can be beneficial for both your vehicle and its passengers. You spend a lot of time driving, or riding in a car, which can add up to a lot of hours breathing the air in your car, so you will want to make sure it is the best air possible.

Cabin air filters trap particles smaller than the width of a human hair and are specifically engineered to help provide cleaner air from the outside into the vehicle. It starts with advanced filter media technology. As the air passes through the filter’s electrostatic multi-layer inserts, up to 95 percent of dirt, dust, pollen and other unwanted pollutants are caught before entering the cabin through the fresh-air inlet. The result is cleaner air entering the cabin.

By making sure the cabin air filter is clean, you can improve the quality of air that is in your vehicle. You will also notice that the vents blow out air stronger and produce the amount of air that is required. If you start to notice an issue with your vehicle or any part of it, make sure to contact us so we can inspect the vehicle for you. Having the vehicle inspected can help with the efficiency and performance of it. Having a clean cabin filter can improve the air quality in your vehicle, as well as the efficiency of the air coming out of the vents and defrost.