As spring arrives, you may notice that your driving habits change just slightly. You will be able to roll down the windows and enjoy the nice air as you drive. As you drive with the windows down, you can also take the time to listen for any odd noises that your car might make. Random thuds or screech noises can indicate that the vehicle is in need of an inspection. While you should always make sure to follow the recommended maintenance schedule, also check the vehicle between visits. Sometimes a belt may become loose or snap, and it is always best to have it repair and looked at before it gets worse.

Avoid Potholes

Also remember to watch the road ahead of you. Spring is the most common time for potholes to occur. By being aware of the road in front of you, you can help to avoid potholes. If you do have to hit one, make sure to slow down so you hit it at a much slower speed. Hitting a pothole fast can increase the chance of the tire blowing out, or damaging the rims of your vehicle. If you do hit a pothole, remember to inspect the vehicle as soon as you safely can. Any major issues should be taken care of as soon as possible. It is also recommended to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it for you.


Before you drive, also make sure that the fluid levels are up for your vehicle. Having enough of each is important, and you never want to run out. Also make sure to check the windshield washer fluid so that incase you need to clean the windshield, you are able to do so. The last thing you will want is poor visibility as you drive.