Traveling on snow and ice can make winter traveling extremely treacherous. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of some tips and tricks that would help you drive safely during this season. Sure, you may be a tremendous driver and have years of experience under your belt, but all it takes is one mistake to crash with another vehicle on a slippery, icy road.

Tires tend to lose a lot of traction when the driving surfaces are too slippery. Your vehicles may have tires from the best manufacturer in the world, but when they come in contact with slippery surfaces, their grip goes out of the window. In cases like these, it is all up to the driver to maintain control of their car, ensuring it does not collide. Does the thought of driving during winters overwhelm you? If the answer is yes, following the advice shared below will help you remain safe whether traveling for short or long distances.

Be Aware of Your Terrain

The last thing any driver should do is drive with tunnel vision. It is a surefire way to crash into another car or any other object. Instead, you should pay extra attention to your terrain and surroundings during the winter. Even the slightest increase in speed at the wrong time could land you into major trouble.

So, focus on the cars around you, and maintain a safe distance of ten to twelve seconds to ensure you can stop without any discomfort. It would also help if you steered your car according to the conditions of the terrain you are driving in to remain safe.

Remember the Braking Distance

As mentioned earlier, braking distance is vital for wintertime driving. Traditionally, drivers tend to follow a stopping or braking distance of about four to six seconds. However, the conditions are completely different during the winters. The roads are slippery, causing cars to slide and skid if the drivers are not careful.

However, you can easily avoid these problems by slowing down and maintaining an eight to ten second braking distance. Sure, it is a bit long, but it will keep you safe.

Avoid Driving Fast

This one goes without saying, but it is important to reiterate that you should never drive fast on snowy roads. It is a surefire way to crash with other cars. Yes, you may reach your destination a ten to twenty minutes late, but it is a small price to pay keep your car and most importantly, yourself safe.

Car Maintenance

Many people tend to postpone their vehicle maintenance, and it causes loads of issues down the line. Consider getting your vehicle maintained by a seasoned auto repair professional, as we can advise you on what should be done.