With regular oil changes, the life of your vehicle will be extended. Follow the recommendation for oil changes in the owner’s manual. We can also advise when the oil changes should be done. During this, we can do a bumper to bumper inspection to ensure all the parts are working correctly and efficiently. Any sign of an issue should always be checked immediately. Also remember to be aware of how your vehicle handles when driving, as you will want to have it looked at as soon as you can.


By following the intervals of when the oil should be changed, the chance of damage happening to the engine is reduced. Over time, a buildup of dirt, dust, and other pollutants can cause issues with the oil. As this goes through the vehicle, it can start to damage the engine and other working parts. Sometimes you may even notice a sludge type substance that forms. This will make it difficult for the oil to pass through to the engine of the vehicle. Also be aware of any leaks or damage that is under the vehicle. Noticing a puddle of oil will indicate a leak. This will only get worse over time, so make sure to bring it in for an inspection with us so we can repair it.


As the oil is changed, we will also inspect the oil filter. This is what will help capture any dirt and grime. It collects this while allowing the fresh clean oil to pass through and to the engine. If the filter becomes clogged, then little to no oil will be able to reach the engine. This will then cause damage and even the engine to seize up. So by following oil changes, you can also prevent any issues that are caused by a dirty air filter. Doing this will help make the vehicle reliable and safe when driving this summer.