Turn the lights on for your vehicle when driving, even in the early evening. Even if it is still daylight, having the lights on is beneficial for the safety of everyone. Not only do the lights help you to see, but it will help others to see you as well. When in doubt about having the lights on, it is best to do so. This way you can have the best visibility possible when driving.

The headlights will need to be inspected to ensure they are aimed correctly. They should be able to light the road ahead of you. Sometimes you may notice the lights are positioned to either side more than the other. If you cannot see the road properly, there will then be an increase for an accident. It can also increase the chance for an accident for drivers of oncoming traffic because the lights may be pointed at them. While the headlights are inspected, we can also inspect the fog lights and the brights. This will ensure that no matter what you need the lights for, they will be reliable. At the same time, we can check the taillights of the vehicle. If a bulb is out, we can have them replaced quickly.

To check the blinkers of the vehicle, make sure to park the vehicle in a safe place away from other traffic. Turn on one of the signals and check both the front and back turn signals. Then go back and flip it to the other blinker. Go back to the front and back of the vehicle to check that side of the turn signal. If you notice one is not working correctly, contact us. We can schedule an appointment for you so we can inspect the blinkers. If a bulb or fuse is out, we can replace it. We can also check to ensure the lenses are clear so the lights can easily be seen, as well as illuminate the road.