Spring is in the air, and if you’re like many other Minnesotans, there’s a lot to do to get ready to enjoy nicer weather and beautiful sunshine. From spring cleaning to planting gardens, Minnesotans are busy checking off their to-do list. One item you might want to add, however, is giving your car some attention. Winter can be harsh on our cars, and spring is the best time to perform maintenance on these 7 areas of your car.

Tires & Alignment

One of the most hard-hit areas of your car over the winter is your tires. Snow, ice, salt, and even potholes this spring can really do a number on those tires. You’ll want to inspect your tires for uneven tread or wear – which can be a safety hazard when driving. You’ll also want to check for any dents or damage to your rims, while you’re at it. Lastly, it’s important to pay attention to your car’s alignment. Winter road conditions can create issues in your alignment that show up with symptoms like uneven or rapid tire wear, your steering wheel being crooked while driving straight, and pulling to one side while driving. Getting your tires rotated & balanced, and having your alignment checked is a great way to get your car ready for spring and summer driving.


Your suspension systems can also take a beating especially if you’ve run into one of those potholes recently. Take your car into your mechanic to have your struts and/or shocks checked. Wondering if your suspension needs some attention? Some signs of a suspension issue include continued bouncing after hitting bumps, pulling to one side after turning corners, unusually bumpy rides, and one side of a parked car sitting lower than the other.

Belts & Hoses

Our bitterly cold temps over the winter can wreak havoc on your belts and hoses. It’s important to have your mechanic check these for any wearing, tearing, or crack. Left unattended, a torn belt or hose can lead to a breakdown on the side of the road. Save yourself the headache of waiting for a tow and have your mechanic inspect them this spring.

Cabin Air Filter

If your car was manufactured after 1999, then you probably have a cabin air filter in your vehicle. The cabin air filter’s job is to keep the inside air of your vehicle clean by keeping pollen, mold, and other pollutants out. Spring is a great time to get a fresh cabin air filter installed to keep your air quality high when driving through the spring and summer months.


If you’re like most Minnesota drivers, we’re guessing you haven’t used your AC in a while. You’ll want to make sure your AC is in working order as you prepare for those hot days later this summer.  Simply ask your mechanic to run an AC output test to make sure you’re ready to roll when the temperatures start to heat up.

Headlights, Taillights, and Turn Signals

All that snow and salt can be an issue for the lights on your car. It’s always a good idea to make sure they are all in working order and replace any burnt out lamps. In addition, winter conditions can cause headlights, and sometimes tail lights, to form a yellowish haze, which can be a nighttime driving hazard. Inspect your headlights and taillights and if you notice any yellowing, have your mechanic take a look and replace to ensure safe driving all summer long.


It may be a little thing, but winter can dull your wiper blades. We highly recommend replacing your wiper blades each spring to make sure you’re ready for those spring and summer rains later on.

If you’re in spring cleaning mode, these 7 tips will ensure that you and your family will be safe as you drive into spring. If you’re ready to have a mechanic perform spring maintenance for you, simply call and make an appointment. Our team is always ready to help!