Having a tire rotation will help to ensure that the tires are wearing completely, on all of them. Ideally the tires should wear at the same interval. This does not always happen however. Make sure that you bring the vehicle in so we can inspect each part and component. This will also include looking at the tires. By doing so, we will notice if there is an issue, and when it should be repaired for your vehicle. If you are not sure how often the vehicle should be inspected and maintained, we can advise you on the schedule.

Check the Tires

You can also look at the tires yourself. Checking them periodically is a good habit to get into. This can alert you to if the tires are low on air, if there is an object stuck in them, the overall condition, and how the tread is wearing. Sometimes one side of a tire or two may wear quicker than another part. This can depend on how you drive, how they are aligned, or how you take corners. If one part of the tire is wearing differently, it may be beneficial to rotate them.

Rotate the Tires

Rotating the tires will also help to ensure they wear at approximately the same time. This means that the tires would be replaced at the same time as well, ideally. When the tires need to be replaced, we can recommend when it should be. By rotating the tires, you can also help them to last longer, because one area of the tire will not wear out faster than the others. If you do happen to notice an issue with the tires, make sure that you bring the vehicle in so we can inspect the tires. We will make sure they are in the best condition and if any changes should be made.