In the summer, it is important to remember if your kids or pets are in the back seat of the vehicle. As the temperatures rise, remember that it will get hot quickly, in your vehicle. Even within a few minutes, it can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is 85 degrees outside, the interior of the vehicle will hit 100 degrees within ten minutes. While life may be crazy and hectic, make sure to double check in the back of your vehicle for kids, pets, or anything else that should not be in extreme heat.


There are some features the newer cars have that will alert you if there is something in the back seat. It goes by the weight that is on the seat, sending a tone so that it gets your attention. This is beneficial, especially if you have young kids that you take to school or daycare. The last thing that should happen is an avoidable accident happening. You can also make a note and set a reminder on your phone to notify you. The same thing should be applied for if you have pets in the back seat. This way you will not accidentally leave them in the vehicle, while you go to work or the store.


It is a good habit to get into to when turning off the car, to turn around and check the rear seats of the vehicle. This is important, especially before walking into a store or work. Some stores will have notices on their doors to remind those to check the vehicle to make sure no one is left in them. Even with the windows cracked, it will quickly become hot and dangerous in the vehicle. Also remember that parking in the shade will not help keep the vehicle cool, as it will still get hot. Especially when summer temperatures rise.