Having a summer emergency kit for your vehicle is important, especially if you are traveling on vacation. This will help to be prepared for whatever situation may arise when you are driving. While you can help prevent emergencies or unexpected breakdowns, make sure you are ready incase they happen. You can also help keep the vehicle in the proper condition by following the maintenance schedule for it. We can also recommend when various tasks should be performed like tire rotations and oil changes. Doing so will help keep the vehicle working smoothly, so hopefully you won’t need to use the emergency kit.


In your emergency kit make sure to have jumper cables. This should never be overlooked as it is important, no matter what time of the year. If the lights are accidentally left on, this can quickly drain the battery of the vehicle. Having the jumper cables packed will ensure that the battery can be jumped if it goes dead when traveling. Also know how to properly use them, so that they will jump start the car.


Also pack a flashlight in the kit. Incase there is a breakdown during the night, you will need the flashlight to see properly inside or outside the vehicle. Having items to help with a flat tire are also essential. A jack and lug wrench, along with a spare tire can help solve several issues. When changing a tire, it will be important to have reflective hazard triangles and flares. This allows other drivers to see that there is an issue ahead, and to slow down or move over. That way whoever is changing the tire can stay safe. It will also make the vehicle more noticeable if waiting for assistance. Lastly, make sure to have a bottle of water, so you do not get dehydrated incase the vehicle is broke down for several hours.