Catalytic converters are important components of your car that play a crucial role in making it eco-friendly. Attached along the exhaust pipe, these converters convert pollutants inside an emitting gas, making the emissions that exit out of the exhaust are less harmful. In the year 2021, the cases of catalytic converter thefts are growing rapidly. Amidst this crime spree, you prepare accordingly, if you do not want to be the victim of such an incident.

Get Comprehensive Insurance

Even if you have car insurance, check whether that insurance includes catalytic converter replacements. Most insurances will not involve these automotive parts because they tend to last the lifetime of the car without needing maintenance or replacement. Therefore, if you want to save yourself a thousand dollars or even more from installing a new converter, make sure you have comprehensive coverage on your insurance policy.

What Happens after Catalytic Converter is stolen?

Your car will tell you that it is missing a catalytic converter. How will it do that? Well, the car makes a loud gushing or roaring sound when you start it without the converter. Your car will also not drive smoothly and consume a lot more fuel than it uses to when you drive it. This is largely because when the thieves remove the catalytic converter, they also take away a big chunk of the exhaust pipe. This noise is very loud and the driver is instantly indicated that something is wrong.

Can You Identify your Catalytic Converter after it is Stolen?

Some garages can help make your catalytic converter traceable by engraving a unique serial number on it. This can make your converter identifiable if in case a thief steals it. You can also apply a sticker on your window that indicates to criminals that your catalytic converted has a serial number that you can track. This may help prevent theft if it manages to change the perpetrator’s mind.

Customizable Protection

Many car owners will resort to blocking the offenders from getting near their catalytic converters. This involves installing grills and steel plates on the converter. This can be expensive; however, it can save you the installation costs of a new catalytic converter which is much more expensive.

Catalytic converter theft is indeed turning out to be a growing wave all across the country. You should be worried, especially if you drive a Prius or a truck. Catalytic converters inside a Prius have more precious metals, and hence are a more desired target for robbers. On the other hand, trucks are higher up, and thieves do not need to jack them up to rip out the exhaust, which saves them precious seconds to flee from the scene.