In the spring, there are several things you will want to do for your vehicle. When you inspect your vehicle, there are several things you will want to look over. By doing so, you can help ensure that everything is always working as it should be. If you are not sure when maintenance should be done on the vehicle, make sure to contact us. We can set up a schedule that your vehicle should be brought in for. If you ever notice odd sounds like something grinding, make sure that you schedule an appointment for your car.

Check the Oil and Fluids

During spring maintenance inspections, you will want to make sure that you check the fluid levels of your vehicle. The fluids are important for your vehicle because if there are none, your vehicle will not be able to operate efficiently. If the oil level is low, then you increase the chance of engine damage. This is because the oil is needed to help lubricate the engine and all the moving parts of it. Without oil in the vehicle, the engine will seize and fail completely. By checking the oil on a frequent basis, you can help prevent a more serious problem from happening. If you are not sure when the oil should be changed, make sure to contact us and we will recommend a schedule.

Remember to Check the Battery

You can also check the battery of your vehicle. With age, the battery will start to wear down and lose its charge. If you notice that your vehicle is difficult to start, it could be the battery. Another issue with the battery could be when you start the vehicle, and it shuts off suddenly. Any of these could be a sign of the battery. Bring the vehicle in and we can make sure to check the battery, alternator, and the starter of your vehicle. This way when you drive, you can make sure that your vehicle is safe and reliable while on the road.