Driving on a spare tire does require some changes in your normal routine. The spare tire should only be driven in the case of an emergency. When you have your vehicle in for regular maintenance, having the tires checked should be one of the things you do. This can help to make sure that they are in the best condition so that they can handle driving on the roads. As the tires are inspected, the spare tire should also be looked at. This way you can help to ensure you can drive it incase there is an emergency.

How Far to Drive

You will need to know how far you can drive on a spare tire. The spare is meant to be a temporary solution, so you should not drive on it for long distances. Ideally, you will want to drive no more than 50 miles on it. Driving on it can cause further wear and damage to it. If you need to drive longer distances, you will want to make sure that the regular tire is repaired fully. This way the tires will all rotate the same as you drive. If one tire is not the same size or has worn, you will notice poor handling in the vehicle when you are driving.

Slow the Speed Down

When driving, you will also want to know how fast to drive on a spare as well. The general rule is you will not want to drive over 50 miles per hour. Since the tire is smaller than the rest, that means it will have a more difficult time rotating the same as the rest. If you drive faster than fifty, you can increase the chance the tires blows. You will only want to use the spare tire to ensure you can get back to your home or destination.