A new cabin filter for your vehicle may be needed when you start to notice several signs of a problem. Bring the vehicle in for regular maintenance inspections so that we can inspect all the parts and components for it. We can also advise you on a regular schedule that should be followed for your vehicle. This will help to ensure all the parts are able to stay in the best condition when you drive your vehicle. The cabin filter is one of the most easily forgotten about parts of the vehicle. This is because you probably will not think of it unless the air in the cabin of the vehicle is poor. When the air quality is less than ideal, you may start to consider the cabin filter.

When the cabin filter becomes dirty, it will be the first sign to notice it should be changed. New filters are nearly white. With time, the pollutants and contaminants, it will turn the filter brown or black. By visually inspecting the filter, you can determine if it is in need of a replacement. You should also remember to inspect the filter under adequate light. If the filter were dirty or dusty, now would be a good time to clean it out. Having a dirty filter can also result in poor fuel efficiency when you drive because there will be reduced oxygen flow.

Another sign of an issue with the filter can be if the engine has a hard time turning over. This is mostly because there would be a low air to fuel ratio. If the ratio has too much fuel, then you will start to notice that the engine is flooding. There could also be spark plug pollution with it too. If the vehicle has a rough idle, this could also be a sign of a poor filter for it.