During the hot summer months, you may become distracted by any errands or projects that you are doing. You will not want to leave kids or pets in the car when it is not running. Having the vehicle just sitting in the sun and turned off can cause it to raise several degrees in a short amount of time. The interior will then become dangerously hot as soon as you turn the vehicle off.


Whenever you stop and get out of your vehicle, remember to check the backseat for any kids or pets that might be in there. It is extremely important to double check that everything is out of the vehicle, so you do not accidentally leave them in there. You can set a reminder on your phone that will help you to be aware of kids or pets. If you have to run in somewhere quick, make sure to keep the car running with the air conditioner on.


Also remember that now the hands free law is in effect. This means that you cannot have a cell phone in your hand talking on it when you drive. You will have to have it connected so that you can use it with only one-touch and activate the rest using your voice. This is to prevent drivers from taking their hands off of the steering wheel as they drive. When you drive without being distracted, you will be safer on the road. You will also allow enough time to react to any situation if any animal or object jumps up on the road. Remember to pay full attention to the road in front of you as you drive. Failure to do so can result in an accident. By following the safety laws, you can help to decrease any accidents from happening.