When driving your vehicle, you will want to make sure the parts and components are in the best condition possible. This should include the brake system of your vehicle. If you notice an issue with how the brakes are operating, make sure to schedule an appointment with us. Sometimes the brake pads, brake rotors, or brake line can cause the issue for your vehicle.


Another thing to inspect are the brake pads. The brake pads should be checked for the condition and thickness of them. Typically, the brake pads should be at least one quarter of an inch thick. If they are thinner than that, it is recommended to bring your vehicle in so we can replace them for you. While inspecting the brake pads, also check the brake rotors. These should have a smooth surface. If you see any deep grooves or pits, the rotors may need replacing as well.


You might also notice an issue with the brakes basked on any sound you hear. If you hear a high-pitched squeal or squeaking noise, it may be an indication that your brake system is starting to wear. Also, you will want to listen for a grinding sound. This means that the pads have worn through, and now when the brakes are applied, the metal of the calipers is grinding against the metal of the rotors. This can lead to further damage to the brake system over time. By bringing the vehicle in, you can help keep your vehicle safe and reliable when you drive.