Preventing a frozen door for your vehicle can sometimes be simple and easy to do. The first thing to do is park it inside, so the vehicle is not outside in the cold temperatures and weather conditions. If it cannot be in a garage, you can put a cover over the vehicle to protect it from the snow and ice. Doing so will help prevent a thick layer of ice and snow on the vehicle.


There are some tips you can do in order to help get your door open. One option is to use an ice scraper. If a handle or door is frozen shut, then you will be able to scrape off some of the ice and snow on it. Be careful not to hit or push too hard on the handle or door, as this can cause it to break. Once the handle becomes operable, you will be able to pull gently to get the rest of the door seal loose. You can even try to pull or pry it open with your fingers.


Another option you could have is using a hair dryer to warm up the door. If you have a hair dryer that does not need an electrical outlet to operate, this can be a quick and easy way to warm up the car door handle. You may also want to consider the option to purchase lock de-icer. This is a special type of lubricant that will melt the ice off of your vehicle. This is effective to use in a lock, or even if the door is frozen shut. You can push and pull the door gentle, and eventually it will become loose. Once the door is open, you can start your vehicle so it can start to warm up. By doing so, you will be able to warm up the other doors as well.