Any odd noises that you might hear from your vehicle should always be inspected. This is especially true if you hear anything from the windshield wipers as they operate. Wipers are designed to remove any weather precipitation, road grime, and dirt off of the windshield. This will help improve the visibility as you drive. Always make sure to have the wipers replaced when they show signs of wear. Ideally you will want to change the wipers twice a year. This will help ensure they are in good working order. If there are issues with the wipers, make sure to contact us to schedule an appointment. We can inspect the windshield wipers for your vehicle.


If there is a chattering noise from the windshield wipers as they operate, make sure to replace them. This means that they are not making the proper contact with the windshield, like they should be. The wiper arm may be bent or damaged, which can also result in the chattering of the wipers. Along with an odd noise, you may notice that the wipers are not clearing away and cleaning the windshield. If they leave streaks or smear marks, it is an indication to have the wipers replaced as soon as possible.


Be aware if there is a loud screeching noise as the wipers operate. If the rubber blades are starting to wear down, they will need to be replaced. Worn blades also increase the risk of scratching and damaging the windshield of the vehicle. Also be aware if the vehicle has a rear windshield wiper. These are not used as much as the front wipers, but they will still need to be inspected. The proper size wipers for the vehicle can be found in the owner’s manual. If you are not sure what wipers are best for the vehicle or how to replace them, contact us and we can do that for you.