When you notice any odd or unusual noises from your vehicle, it is always important to bring them in as soon as you can. As you own a vehicle, it is important to bring it in for regular maintenance inspections on a regular basis. Following  the scheduled task of inspections and maintenance, you can help to improve the safety of the vehicle. And unexpected breakdown can also decrease because we can inspect how all the parts are wearing. Having brake maintenance done is an important task to do for your vehicle as well. Between inspections, always notice anything unusual from the vehicle. This can be anything from odd noises, smells, or how the vehicle operates when you are driving it.


Remember to not ignore any brake noises or any odd noises from the vehicle. This will serve as a warning sign that something is failing and will need to be repaired or replaced soon. If the sound is sounding like a rattle noise, it may be the brake pads. This is especially a cause for concern if the noise appears as you press the brake pedal. I can sound like a metal rattle or clinking noise that happens when the brakes are applied. If the noise happens during the rest of the drive, it could be another issue of another part.


Grinding from the brakes is another issue that you might notice. One reason why the brakes might grind is because of the brake rotor wearing against the caliper of the vehicle. As the brakes wear, this is most common for extreme wear for the brake pads or brake rotors. Always bring the vehicle in at the first sign that you notice a grind noise, otherwise the issue will get worse, and fast. This will then require an expensive repair. Another cause of grinding is if there is an object like a stone or pebble that is stuck near the caliper. This is most noticed by having the noise even when you are not braking the vehicle. If you are unsure of the issue, make an appointment with us.