Keeping your vehicle working in the best condition should always be a priority. If you are not sure what tasks should be done, contact us. We can also recommend a maintenance schedule for the various tasks of your vehicle. When the vehicle is brought in, we can give it a bumper-to-bumper inspection. Doing so will help to be aware of any issues that your vehicle might have. When there is a problem with the vehicle, it is always best to have it taken care of as soon as possible. This will help to prevent further damage or issues with other parts or the car. Ignoring an issue and choosing not to have it fixed right away can also lead to an increased repair bill.

Brake care

Besides maintenance, make sure that you drive carefully as well. Slamming on the brakes or having jackrabbit starts can do damage to parts and components of the vehicle. This will cause the brakes to wear out sooner than they otherwise should. Instead of slamming the brakes, try to anticipate any upcoming stop lights or stop signs on the road. If traffic is heavy, leave enough room where you will not have to slam on the brakes. Following too close can increase the chance of rear ending the vehicle in front of you. It also increases the chance that the car behind you might hit you as well.

Drive at the Posted Speed

Also make sure that you drive at what the posted speed is, or lower. Going too fast can result in a ticket by the cops. It also increases the chance if you loose control, of going in the ditch or rolling your vehicle. When the weather is less than ideal, you will want to slow down on the road. Only drive at a speed that you are comfortable at. If the roads are slick, slow down and drive with caution.