Having your vehicle visible to others is important for the safety of you and also those around you. Always remember that you need to check the windshield for any damage that it might have. Divots, cracks, chips, or any other issues should always be taken care of at the first sign. Also make sure that the windshield wipers are operating at their best. If they are not clearing any dirt and debris from the windshield properly, they will need to be replaced. Keeping your overall visibility the best will help prevent issues with you seeing something in the road ahead. If you notice the windshield wipers chatter or vibrate, make sure to inspect them. We can also check the windshield wipers of your vehicle.

Others Seeing your Vehicle

You will want to be visible to others as you drive as well. Make sure that you turn on the lights. Drivers that are driving toward you will be able to see where you are. Also those behind you will be aware you are ahead, so they do not rear end the vehicle. Make sure that you check the headlights and taillights of the vehicle. You can do this when it is sitting near a building. Make sure to turn the lights on and that you can see the reflection against the building. It is also a good time to check the blinkers and emergency flashers. If they are not working properly, you will want to bring the vehicle in for an inspection.


Also check the lights to make sure they are not dim or have a film to the lens. This can impair your visibility and make it hard to see. If they do not get better by washing and cleaning them, we can check them for you. With age and wear, sometimes the lens will need to be replaced so you can see the best you can.