Making sure the headlights are working correctly on your vehicle are important. If a headlight is not working, we do not have quality of vision on the road and other traffic may see us as something other than a full-sized automobile. Make sure to take your vehicle in for regular maintenance inspections, so we can ensure that all the parts are working correctly, even the lights.

Headlights can be sealed-beam or composite. Sealed-beam headlights are one complete unit where composite headlights have a bulb that is separate from the whole component. Replacing a bulb can be less expensive than having to replace an entire sealed-beam system, but either style is sufficient for driving safety, as long as they are properly maintained.

A very important part of having efficient headlights on your vehicle is making sure they are adjusted properly for optimal lighting while driving. If one, or both of your headlights are directed too high, you will not have adequate vision of the road at night. This can also cause on-coming traffic direct eye contact and appear as if your high beams are on. If one, or both of your headlights are directed to the sides of the vehicle, you will not see the center of the road clearly, however, error in the opposite direction could cause you to miss something on the shoulders of the road.

If you notice an issue with the headlights or blinkers, make sure to contact us so we can inspect the vehicle for you. By noticing an issue at the first sign, you can help prevent further damage from occurring in the long run. It will also help you to prevent time, money, and stress. A well maintained vehicle can help keep you safe on the road when you are driving.