Driving less will mean that you are spending less on fuel. This is a result of sheltering at home so you are going to stores less. Since there is less traffic on the roads, you may notice that there is a record low price for gasoline. While you may have extra money, now is a great time to having your vehicle in for a regular maintenance inspection. Checking the vehicle bumper to bumper will help with making sure all the parts and components are working as they should be. It is always recommended to be aware of the vehicle when you drive. This can help prevent further damage.


Using the money you save on fuel can go towards the maintenance and care of your vehicle. It will also help to support the local auto repair shops. As hours may change, always make sure to call us for an appointment. We will be able to schedule an appointment to make sure your vehicle is operating safe and reliable. Remember that you will need to follow the oil change schedule so that the engine and moving parts are operating efficiently. Without oil, the engine can seize up and will stop working all together. During this we can check the oil filter as well.


As we check the oil and other fluids under the hood, we can also check the belts and hoses. This is important because with time, they can become brittle with age. If they break while you are driving, you will have an unexpected breakdown. If a belt is starting to wear, you may hear an odd loud pitch screech noise as the belt is in motion. A leak in a hose can be determined by a puddle under the vehicle. So always be aware of the area you park in, because you can notice if there is a leak. No matter what issues you may notice, you can always call us for an inspection.