Make sure to have a cool and comfortable ride this summer by having the air conditioner working properly. If there are any issues you notice, always make sure to contact us at the first sign. These problems will only become worse if they are ignored. The last thing you want is a hot and uncomfortable ride if the air conditioner goes out. While the most common reasons for a malfunction is a leak or compressor issue, always make sure to bring it in. That way we can properly inspect and repair it, so it blows out cold air again.


When turning on the air conditioner, cool air might blow out, but it will not be cold air. The cooling fans on the condenser or the radiator should be running when the air conditioner is on. If not, then an appointment should be made with us. Also remember to look for any air restrictions that might be under the hood. This could include things like bugs, dirt, leaves, or other build up. It will cause an issue for air passing over the condenser properly. The cabin filter should also be inspected to ensure it is not clogged or damaged.


Any sign of a leak should always be a cause for concern. Having an ultra violet light leak detection done is a quick and easy way to find a leak in the system. The ultra violet dye will go through the system to help locate the leak. It will also help to verify that all the fittings are secure. If the system is too low, or the compressor is not cycling correctly, the dye may not work properly. Another way to check for a leak is to look under the vehicle after it has been parked for several minutes. If there is a puddle, contact us so we can inspect the air conditioning system. Doing so will help to have a reliable working air conditioner for this summer.