Keeping the vehicle well maintained helps with the efficiency and performance of it. One thing to inspect is the alternator. If the alternator is starting to go out on your vehicle, you may be able to notice some signs of it. If these warning signs are ignored, the problem can get larger and cause the vehicle trouble ranging from slow starts to a dead vehicle. The alternator is a vital part for the vehicle’s operation. The current it produces is used to power the vehicle’s accessories, like the headlights and radio. The alternator also helps to keep the battery fully charged, providing the power needed to start the vehicle.



The alternator warning light is linked to a computer system within the vehicle. It monitors the voltage output of the alternator as your vehicle is running. If the output from the alternator goes above or below the pre-set limit, then the light on the dashboard will illuminate. Once the output is within the proper range again, the light will turn off. When the alternator begins to fail, the battery will have to start to produce enough power for both. This can lead to the battery wearing out faster. While a battery going dead may be from variety of reasons, including age, the alternator may also cause it to loose its charge. Early stages of an alternator issue can cause the light to flicker, or come on for a second and then turn off. As more power is required because of headlights, windshield wipers, the radio, and other accessories, the alternator will need to work harder to maintain the necessary voltage. So make sure to turn off as much as possible if you start to notice that the alternator is becoming weak.



No matter what issue you notice with your vehicle, it is important to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it for you. This can help you to have a top performing vehicle that you want to ensure is reliable.