When you drive your vehicle, always make sure that all the parts and components are in the best condition possible. One thing to always make sure and check are the tires of the vehicle. This helps you to have a smooth and comfortable ride when you drive. If the tire is out of alignment, balance, or has the wrong air pressure, you will have a bumpy ride. On a regular basis, make sure to check the tires so they have the proper amount of air inflation in them. If they do not, it can cause further issues and damage. If the tire is too low, then it has the chance to blow out when you drive. When the tire has too much air, then it could pick up sharp objects on the road.

Check the Air Pressure

You can notice a flat tire by checking the amount of air that is in it with a tire gauge. Make sure the vehicle has sat awhile before you check. If you check the air pressure after driving, it creates more heat. This will then produce a false reading when you check the air pressure. If you notice that one specific tire is always low, there could be from a leak or puncture. Check the tire for anything visual that could have punctured the tire. Do not remove the object, as this will make the tire flat almost instantly. The best thing to do is bring the vehicle in and we can inspect it for you, and resolve the issue.

How the Vehicle Handles

Another way to notice if the tire is low is how the vehicle handles when you drive. If the vehicle is pulling in one direction or the other, the tire may be low. If the right tire is low, the vehicle will pull toward the right. Make sure to check the tires. If they are still properly inflated, bring the vehicle in so we can inspect what the issue might be.