While potholes are present throughout the year, they are particularly prevalent during the spring season. No matter how much people try to avoid these holes, there are times when it’s almost impossible to maneuver around them. So, it would be safe to say that your car is bound to hit a pothole at one time or the other.

For those who don’t know, potholes are sunken, cracked portions of the roads. These roads start cracking once the soil beneath the pavement becomes weak. Potholes become particularly problematic during spring season when the temperature fluctuates too much. Whenever water freezes over the road, it spreads far and wide. Once it enters the soil underneath the road, it freezes up and pushes upward, forming potholes in the process.

Checking Your Car for Pothole Damage

Sometimes, inspecting your car for damaged caused by potholes can be incredibly difficult. The problem can be too small to notice, however, it is important to look for them nonetheless, as the long term impact could be quite detrimental. Below is a list of important things to inspect for damage caused by potholes.


Tires are the first things you should inspect for pothole damage. This is because tires are the only part of your car that is in contact with the surface. As you would expect, potholes can put too much pressure on tires, causing them to burst. This is mainly because of the hard edged chunks on these potholes that come in contact with your tires. If your car hits potholes too many times, consider checking them for things like flats, sidewall bulges, tread separation and other types of tire damage.


Unlike the tires, your vehicle’s body will rarely come in contact with the road. However, almost anything is possible as far as potholes go. You’d be surprised to learn that potholes can even cause significant damage to your bumpers. Sure, most of the damage in such cases is cosmetic but it’s important to make sure your vehicle looks sharp all the time. This is particularly true for cars with a sporty look as their bodies tend to hang low, which could lead to cosmetic damage.


Believe it or not, your car can bottom out if it hits a deep pothole. This can be quite dangerous for your exhaust system, especially if it touches the roadway, as it could rip multiple holes in the pipes. It would also help if you kept an ear out for strange noises while driving. This could indicate whether your car’s exhaust pipes suffered too much damage. In case the damage is too much, consider replacing or replacing the pipes as soon as you can.