Going to regular scheduled maintenances is highly recommended for the overall efficiency of your vehicle. In between visits there are parts that you can inspect yourself. If you notice anything out of the norm with them, always make sure to bring your vehicle in as soon as possible so we can inspect it. Some of these are quick and easy, like checking all the fluids and topping them off as needed, inspecting the tires, and noticing if there are any issues with the battery.




Making sure the fluids are topped off is important. These fluids can help your vehicle to run more efficiently by lubricating or powering parts of the engine or vehicle. Each fluid will have an amount that is recommended for it. Make sure these are filled up to that level when you check it. Some fluids have see through reservoirs so you can see the amount quickly. Others have dipsticks that you will have to measure how much is in that reservoir. While topping these fluids off, do not forget about the oil. The oil is the most important fluid for your vehicle. It helps to cool and lubricate the engine to have it run properly. Without the oil, you can do damage to the engine because it will jam up.




The tires should also be inspected on a regular basis. Check the air pressure in them so they are at the amount specified by the owner’s manual. Tires that are too low can cause a decrease in fuel efficiency. It can also lead to the tires wearing unevenly. Tires that are over inflated are more likely to pick up small or sharp objects in the roadway that may puncture your tire. Checking the tire’s tread should also be done. If you notice that the tires are balding, or getting low tread, it is time to bring them in to have new tires placed on your vehicle. Also check for any cuts or cracks that may be on your tire. These can lead to your tire leaking gradually or suddenly. Bulges and blisters should also be looked for. If ignored, these have the possibility to cause a blow out with the tires.




The battery should also be inspected to make sure it is in optimal condition. If the battery is starting to lose charge, you will notice this. Your vehicle may be slow to start, or may not even start at all. Sometimes this is an issue caused by something else, so it is always best to bring it in so we can inspect it. Also make sure the battery and the connection terminals are cleaned from any dirt and debris. A battery with dirt and debris on it can cause it to lose its charge or go completely dead. Keeping the battery clean can help it last as long as possible.