As the battery ages, the clamps on it will oxidize. The acid in the battery will eat away at the metal that is nearby. If your vehicle is experiencing starting issues or ignition problems, those may be related to a battery with low voltage. Low voltage can also affect the fuel delivery for your vehicle and will cause the fuel pump to run slower than normal. Other times, a low battery may prevent one or more of the injectors from opening normally. By having this happen, it may lead your vehicle to misfire or start hard.




One of the most important things you can do for your battery is to make sure it is clean. The battery and all of its components should be clean and clear of dirt and debris. If the battery is showing signs of corrosion, it may need to be replaced in the near future. Any dirt or debris on the battery can start to form in tight spaces, and may cause the battery to drain. Also make sure to clean the terminals of the battery where the connections are located. The harness claps should also be inspected and cleaned if they need to. During regularly scheduled maintenance, we can inspect and clean the battery for you. This is beneficial because we may notice areas that you cannot see or may have forgotten to look at.




The battery is important to your vehicle because without it, your vehicle will not start. It is important to know that the summer’s heat causes more battery failures than the cold. This is because the heat will react with the chemicals in the battery, which may result in the battery losing its charge or failing all together. You may also experience a battery that is overcharged. You will notice this because the battery will not work as well or efficient as it should. If you notice the battery losing charge, bring it in so we can determine what the issue might be.