Are you the kind of person who knows nothing about repairing or maintaining their car, and takes it to the mechanic every time it makes a slight noise? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Car issues can be quite alarming, and they should be taken care of at the earliest. Most people take good care of their car, but often miss out on replacing their windshield wipers from time to time.

Windshield wipers have an important role to play in maintaining visibility and ensuring road safety, which is why you should never neglect them. Luckily, even if you don’t know the first thing about fixing anything in your car, you can change the windshield wipers on your own. Have a look at the methods you can follow to do this.

Deciding Which Part to Change

The wiper is made of three main components: the lower wiper arm, the metal or plastic blade and the rubber blade. You can change the entire thing, or you can simply change the metal or rubber blade. It depends on which part is hindering the function of your windshield wipers. Once you have made the decision, measure the size of the blades, as this will help you in choosing the right size wipers. Make sure you measure both wipers, since some cars have different sizes for both.

If you are changing the entire wiper, all you need to do is to undo the nut that holds the wiper in place. Then, you can put the new wipers in place of the old one, and tighten the nut once again. However, changing the wiper blades requires a little more effort.

Removing the Wiper Blade

To remove the wiper blade, you have to lift the windshield wiper away from the glass. Once you do this, find the joint that holds the rubber blade and the metal blade together. It should be a stopper or pins that you can undo to remove the wiper blade from the lower arm. Make sure to hold the arm with your free hand, as it is spring loaded and can snap back in place, damaging your windshield.

Installing the New Wiper Blade

Once you have successfully removed the old one, all that remains is to put the new wiper blade in the same formation as the old one, turning it until the hook snaps into place. Now, you can slowly move the metal arm towards the windshield.

Now you have to repeat the same process for the second wiper blade. The same procedure will be followed, and it shouldn’t take any more than 3 minutes to install both wiper blades.

As you can see, it is incredibly easy to replace windshield wipers and you can do it even if you have no knowledge about cars or auto parts. By doing this small exercise, you will be able to prepare your car for bad weather, such as rain and snow, as well as to avoid bumps and potholes on roads. In a nutshell, windshield wipers are present to ensure your safety, and you should replace them periodically to make sure they work properly.