The vehicle will need to have a reliable battery in order for it to start. You will also need to make sure that the alternator and starter are also in the best condition possible for your vehicle. If you are not sure if they at the top performance level, bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it. Doing so will help to keep it efficient and at top performance levels. When the battery is not working, you will also want to have the alternator and starter properly inspected as well. Sometimes a faulty alternator or starter will also result in the vehicle not starting. Since all three will have to work in coordination with one another, they will all need to be working.


You will want to notice any signs or issues that the vehicle is showing signs of starter issues. The first thing to be aware of is if the vehicle is slow to start. Usually there will be an indication when you notice the vehicle starting to turn over slowly. Slow starts are the first sign that the vehicle will need to have an inspection done. The more often this occurs, the quicker that the vehicle will fail completely. When this becomes more common, you will notice that the vehicle may start to just click when you start it.


If you decide to not drive your vehicle for a few weeks or months, make sure to disconnect the battery and remove the battery. Doing so can help prevent the battery from draining and having a dead car when you go to start it. You will want to have a reliable vehicle when you need to get to and from your destination. If you notice that your vehicle needs to be jump-started, schedule an appointment with us. We can inspect the starter, alternator, and battery.