The heat of the summer can cause issues with your vehicle if you do not take proper care of it. Vehicles are more likely to overheat during the warm summer months. This is one of the leading causes of breakdowns on the road. The summer heat will do more damage to your vehicle than the winter actually can. Remember to follow the recommended maintenance for your vehicle. This will help ensure that they are in the best condition for the upcoming summer months. Notice any odd noise and issues with the vehicle, and make sure to contact us at the first sign. Even a small problem now can develop into something more severe in the future.


The battery can also be affected in the hot summer months. Sometimes they will struggle in order to hold charge and produce enough power for the vehicle. This is also increased by running the air conditioner, fans, electric windows, or radio. The battery may start to struggle to keep up during several hot days while you drive. If you start to notice issues with the vehicle starting, make sure to contact us. This is especially important while planning a long drive or vacation. Having the battery in the best operating condition and connected properly is important.


The cooling system will also need to be inspected. It works harder in the extreme temperatures as it helps to keep the engine at the right temperature. When it is hot, coolant will help keep the parts of the engine cool. If you drive in stop and go traffic, or at a much slower speed, it could increase the chance that the engine overheats. This is because there is less air that circulates through the fan to cool the radiator of the car. If the car starts to overheat and the temperature gauge rises, pull over when it is safe to do so and turn the vehicle off. Waiting a few minutes may help to cool it down. Always remember to contact us so we can inspect it before the issue gets worse.