Getting the best fuel efficiency with your vehicle is what every car owner strives for. This will not only lower costs spent at the pumps, but also improve the longevity of the vehicle. When the weather is nice in the downtown St Paul area, make sure to get the most out of the fuel mileage. One of the best and easiest things to do is remove any excess weight. It can be easy to turn the vehicle into a place to store some things quickly. The more unnecessary weight that it has, the worse the fuel efficiency will be. This will also put extra weight on the axles of the vehicle, especially the rear one.


Another tip is to inspect each tire of the vehicle. With properly inflated tires, it can help keep the fuel efficiency the best it can. If the tires are low, it will result in poor mileage. This is because the under inflated tires make the engine use more gas in order to move the vehicle. Check the owner’s manual for the proper air pressure, or contact us. Having the tires at the ideal amount can result in significant savings. Even having the tires under inflated by 10 pounds per square inch can cost you five miles per gallon more. So always make sure to check the tires, especially before any long road trips.


If the fuel efficiency has become worse, the air filter and spark plugs should be inspected. By having these replaced, it can help the engine burn gas more efficiently. This is a simple task for most vehicles and is inexpensive.  Make sure to contact us, and we will be happy to inspect the air filter and spark plugs, and replace them if needed. This will help improve the longevity of the vehicle, while also saving you money.