The Freon should be inspected for your vehicle on a regular basis. Even though we are getting closer to fall temperatures, there will still be some warm or muggy days ahead this month. You will want to switch the vents to air conditioning to help keep the cabin of your vehicle cool and comfortable. If you start noticing an issue, always make sure that you contact us. In the air conditioning system for your vehicle, it uses Freon to help cool the air. This happens when the compressor will pressurize the Freon, and turns it form a gas to a liquid. This allows the air conditioning system to create cool air that is circulated into the cabin of the vehicle.


You may start to notice signs of low Freon for your vehicle if there is warmer air blowing from the vents. This can be anywhere from just slightly cool to room temperature. The air conditioner should always blow cool crisp air in the vehicle. Anything less than that should be brought in so we can inspect the air conditioning system for you. The Freon may be low or empty. Also make sure to look for any low Freon levels. This can be an indication of a leak in the vehicle system. You may see a thin grease line around the compressor, lines, or inside the cabin. This could be Freon, and should be cleaned up as soon as you notice it.


Another thing to notice when you turn on the air conditioner is if you hear the clutch engaging. The clutch allows the compressor to operate and pressurize the Freon of the vehicle. It then will work by reading these Freon levels. When there is not enough, then the clutch will not engage. If you notice an issue with this, make sure to contact us and we can inspect the vehicle for you.