By following regular maintenance schedules for your vehicle, you can help it to stay as efficient as possible when you drive. In the winter, you will need to check the tires more regularly than you do the rest of the year. The cold temperatures can cause air to reduce in the tires. When you check the air pressure, make sure you do it before you drive. Otherwise wait a couple hours after driving. By driving then checking the tires, the tires warm up. This will then result in a false reading when you check them. If a tire goes low often, bring the vehicle in. Sometimes it is not the rubber of the tire, but rather the valve stem or rims. We can inspect the whole tire to see what the issue might be.

Driving Tips

You will also want to remember to slow down on the roads. As the temperature and weather change, so will the condition of the roads. Sometimes there might be black ice. This is mostly found on bridges or overpasses. You will not know you are on the ice until it is too late. If the weather is around freezing, and there has been precipitation, always remember to slow down.

Scrape the Windows

The vehicle can also benefit by starting it a few minutes before you drive. You will need to scrape off all the windows and windshield before you drive. This is important because it allows you proper visibility. When doing so, start the vehicle as well. This will help warm up the windshield faster, and make it easier to scrape. Another benefit is that your vehicle will be warm inside after you are done scraping windows. If the defrost is not working for your vehicle, schedule and appointment so you can bring the vehicle in for an inspection.