The vehicle should be maintained on a regular basis. This will help prevent further issues from occurring when you least expect it to happen. Part of properly maintaining the vehicle is to make sure you follow the recommended schedule for inspections. If you need to know how often this should be done, there are two ways to find out. You can either look in the owner’s manual for the vehicle, or you can contact us. Either way, following the schedule is important for the safety and efficiency of your vehicle.

Flushing the Fluid

The fluid in your vehicle should be flushed in order to keep it clean and in the best condition. If you notice that one of the fluids is less than ideal, it will need to be changed or flushed. You will want to make sure that the fluid does not have gunk or debris in it. This can get into your system of the vehicle and cause more extensive damage. If the fluid level is decreasing, it can be a sign of a leak in the system. Ignoring the leak can lead to extra expenses as well.

Remember the Oil

Make sure that the oil is also changed on a regular schedule for your vehicle. Keeping the oil in the best condition will help the engine to run smoothly. It will also help keep the gears and moving parts properly lubricated when the vehicle is running. If you ignore the oil, the engine can seize up. Also, it can result in a costly repair bill for your vehicle. Always pay attention to the dashboard on your vehicle. If you notice the oil warning light come on, get out and check the oil. Sometimes all that needs to be done is some extra oil added to it. If the reservoir is full or you have to refill it often, then there could be an underlying issue. Schedule an appointment and we can inspect it for you.