The tires should always be in the best condition possible for your vehicle. They will have the only contact with the surface of the road when you travel. If you notice that the vehicle handles poorly, then the tires might be the issue when you travel. The vehicle may start to pull to a side. If you encounter a vehicle that will counter act the direction you steer, make sure to bring it in so we can inspect it for you. The tires will need to have a full inspection done, and on each one. This way you can help to ensure you are ready for the upcoming winter.

Tire Rotation

Proper rotation can also be beneficial for your vehicle. This will allow the tires to wear evenly, all the way around. If the tread is wearing unevenly, then you may notice that a rotation may be needed for your tires of the vehicle. If you ignore this, the tread will only wear down further and be less able to handle the road. Another way to notice low tread is if the tires and the vehicle slide on the road. When the tires are rotated, if the tread is wearing down on one side, then it is switched to a side where the larger amount of tread can be utilized.


You will also want the tires to be inspected for any source of damage or issues. This can include puncture marks or cracks in the tire. Anything that indicates poor, damaged tires should be repaired as soon as possible. We can also inspect the inflation of the tires to ensure they are at the proper amount for air. If the air is too low or the tire is over inflated, they can blow out. This can lead to an unexpected breakdown and costly repair bill. So make sure you bring your vehicle in this fall so we can do a complete bumper to bumper inspection for it.