During the winter you will need extra time when you get up in the morning to get ready to leave. Typically there will be frost on the windows of your vehicle. There could also be snow and ice that can occur, depending on what the weather was during the night. You will want to make sure you allow extra time so you can scrape and brush off your vehicle. Doing so can improve your safety and visibility when you are driving. By allowing extra time, you will not feel like you are in a rush and forget to scrape a window of your vehicle.


By brushing off everything that is on your vehicle, including snow and ice, you can see better. This is because if you are driving with loose snow, it can blow up onto the windshield and impair the visibility of the road. There is also a chance that the snow can blow off onto vehicles that are passing you. This can also cause an accident. The driver could unexpectedly loose visibility and cause an accident or go into the ditch. If a chunk of ice slides off your vehicle at another one, it can cause damage. The ice could crack, chip, or break the windshield of a vehicle.


When you get ready to leave, you can help the vehicle to warm up by starting it. Turn it on defrost and it can help warm up the windshield from the inside. This will also help you to have a warm and comfortable interior, as you get ready to drive. If you have rear defrost, turning that on will help warm up the rear windshield. You will want to have the visibility to see behind you as you drive. This can alert you for those who are around you, and might potentially be ready to pass you on the road as well.