When you own a car, keeping it well maintained is important for the overall condition and longevity of it. There are some driving tips to try and follow to help keep your vehicle in the best condition possible. Regular maintenance should be followed for your vehicle. This can include an alignment, tire rotation, brake inspection, fluid flushes, oil changes, or a bumper to bumper inspection. No matter the task or issue, we can make sure your vehicle is always safe to drive on the road. Between visits, make sure to notice anything out of the norm with your vehicle. This can be anything from odd sounds to odd smells, to even if the vehicle is going through fuel quicker than normal.


One important thing to remember is try to keep the fuel tank at least half full. This is not only good incase you need to drive somewhere in the middle of the night when gas stations might be closed, but also it’s good for the performance of the vehicle. If there is less fuel in the vehicle, the fuel pump will start to wear out. This can cause it to need to be replaced much sooner than it otherwise should. Having the tank above half is also good incase you are stuck in traffic, or have to drive a long stretch of interstate without needing to pull off to fill up.


Before driving, always check the air pressure in the tires. This will help them to rotate smoother. It can also provide you with better fuel mileage, because the vehicle will not have to work against the tires. If the tire gets low on air often, make sure to bring it in so we can inspect it for you.