As the temps begin to get colder, you will want to inspect your vehicle more often. This can range from a variety of different parts and components to check. The cold weather means the tire pressure will be lower. Bead leaks can occur on the tires, which will cause the air to decrease. Sometimes this will not be every tire, but instead just one or two. You will want to make sure it is filled to the correct air pressure amount in the vehicle owner’s manual. This way you can ensure a comfortable ride. You will also want to check the spare tire. If anything happens to a regular tire, you will need to rely on the spare tire to get you to your destination.


Also make sure that the fluids are topped off. It is always recommended to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it for you. This would include the fluid levels. If one is low, it should be topped off to the correct amount. Also remember to check the windshield washer fluid levels. In the winter, you will need this to help remove road grime and dirt. This improves your visibility as well when you drive.


The battery is another part that is affected by the cold weather. The cold temperatures will drain the amps. Make sure to have the battery tested, to see how it is charging. If you are not sure how the battery is for overall condition, we can check it as well. Sometimes a block heater may be beneficial for your vehicle. Depending where you park, a block heater will help the vehicle start efficiently. No matter what issues or problems you notice with the vehicle, make sure to schedule an appointment. This will help keep the vehicle lasting as long as possible.