Storing your classic car is needed during the winter months. Since you will not plan on driving the classic, you will want to make sure it stays in the best condition possible when it is not in use. Having the car out in the harsh elements of winter can do damage to it, so it is best to have it properly stored. With a classic car, it is more than just putting it in the garage for winter. You will need to prepare it for storage before putting it away. This will help improve the condition and efficiency of it.


As you start getting your classic car ready for storage, there are some tasks you will want to make sure to do. You should clean your car and even wax it. Cleaning out the car and the interior is important as well. You will want to make sure you do not use your car as a storage unit. Also remember to remove any food or drinks that may be in the car as well, since this can attract mice or rats. The old food will also decompose over the months and leave an awful odor inside. Clean and wax the exterior of your classic car to help keep the paint looking new. Make sure to use it correctly, so you do not scratch or chip the pain.


You will also want to check all the fluid levels in your vehicle. The oil, coolant, and even the fuel level are important to check. If you leave your car sit too long, it could clog up the fuel system. You can mix in a fuel stabilizer with the fuel. This will help the system run efficiently and keep it in the best condition. Also keeping a full fuel tank will help prevent corrosion and rust from forming inside the fuel tank.