When you vehicle is need of regular maintenance, make sure that you follow the recommended schedule. When the vehicle ages, it will need more repairs and tune-ups. If there are any issues with the vehicle, having them properly maintained is important. We will be able to check parts and components like the fluid levels, tires, and windshield wipers. With proper care, this will help keep everything working efficiently and at top performance levels. Noticing an issue at the first sign will help reduce the chance of a much larger problem from happening in the long run.

Oil Changes

The fluids are some of the most important features of the vehicle. The oil will need to be replaced and changed based on the recommended schedule. These intervals can be determined on how much you drive, and the types of roads as well. If you drive in traffic that is fast, or if you are driving in stop and go traffic is important. The oil change schedule can be found in the owner’s manual for your vehicle. We can also advise you on the schedule your vehicle needs as well. The oil will be removed from the vehicle, and the oil filter will be inspected as well. Over time, the filter will get clogged with debris and gunk. This will need to be changed so it passes the oil through smoother.

Fluid Flushes

There are also fluid flushes that you should do. Flushing the other fluids like transmission or brake fluid can help keep them in the best condition possible. Flushing the fluids will help to remove the old fluid from your vehicle, and have it replaced with nice clean fluid. If you are not sure what fluid will need this done, we can always recommend the schedule and type to flush. We can also check under the hood for any signs of leaks as well. Keeping the vehicle maintained will help keep it in the best condition for you.