If you have not turned on the air conditioner for your vehicle, now is a great time to do so. Rather than waiting for it to be hot and turning it on, only to find out it does not work, turn it on now. This can quickly determine if your air conditioner will need to be inspected or repaired before the summer heat and temperatures arrive. If you flip the air conditioner on and it blows out warm air, you will want to make sure to contact us. We will be able to inspect the air conditioning system for your vehicle. This will help it to provide cool and comfortable air to the interior of the vehicle this summer.

Cabin Filter

You will also want to remember that the cabin filter should be inspected regularly. Over time and age, the cabin filter will become clogged. This is from all the dirt and pollutants that are in the air. You may notice an issue if the air in the cabin is less than ideal. It may also have an odor or smell to it. This will indicate that it should be changed. If you are not sure how often the filter should normally be changed, we can advise you on that.


Always remember preventative maintenance is important. So you will want to follow the recommended schedule to give the vehicle a bumper to bumper inspection. If you notice anything out of the norm with the car, it is always best to bring it in. That way, we can inspect it to help prevent further problems from occurring to it. If you ignore any issue, it will only get worse in the long run and end up costing more. Also maintenance will help you to have a safe and reliable vehicle when on the road this summer.