When driving, one of the most important things is the visibility you have. This is to help you avoid an accident or hitting something. While it might be easy to opt for the lost cost windshield wipers and parts, this could end up costing you more in the future. Cheaper parts would have to be replaced more frequently. You would also run the risk that they war out and do not provide you with the best visibility when they operate.


The blades of a windshield wiper are important components that hold the wiper in place. There are different factors that affect the performance and the shelf life of the blades. A few of them include the slope of the wiper, which makes blades more exposed to air and incoming moisture. Also the squeegee effect that is caused due to the spring tension in the blade arms, which can be prevented by using optimum windshield wiper fluid. The material of the blade and the claws that hold the blade and transmit pressure are important to inspect as well.

It is recommended to change the windshield wipers at least once every six months. Typically, drivers will change them at the start of fall and at the beginning of spring. Make sure to get the correct windshield wipers for your vehicle. This can help the wipers to clean the windshield effectively when you need to use them.


Also remember to inspect all the areas that help keep the wipers running effectively. Recommended checks for your vehicle include the levels of the windshield wiper fluid, windshield water pump and hoses, rear wiper equipment, front side and headlight wiper replacements, and the wiper motor. It is always better to consult us and to perform a complete auto repair with the wiper replacements. This can help ensure that the parts are working efficiently and effectively so you can see better, and have a safer driving experience.