Spring is a great time to make sure to check the visibility as you drive. You will always want the best visibility, because it increases your safety. If you notice issues, make sure to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect and replace anything out of norm. When you can see all around you, you will be aware of the driving conditions, and those around you. If you notice that the windshield wipers are starting to perform poorly, then it would be time to have them replaced.

Windshield Damage

After the winter, you will want to check the windshield. Sometimes a small chip or crack can occur, and you may not notice it until it has become larger. If you notice it when it is small, then it could be repaired and it would stop from becoming larger. If the damage is too big, then the windshield may need to be replaced. Sometimes the damage can be right in the line of your visibility as well. This could prevent you from seeing an object, animal, or person that is ahead of you. Besides the windshield, also make sure to check all the side windows. You can also check to make sure they roll down and back up properly. This will help you prepare for the warmer months when you will want to open them when driving.

Wiper Replacement

Remember that the windshield wipers can easily become damaged after the winter. Since they operate over ice and snow, the rubber blade can become damaged. You will want to make sure they can still clear away road grime and rain properly. If they cannot, then you will want to have them replaced. If you are not sure what size you need, bring the vehicle in and we can help you to get the correct wipers on.