Checking the headlights on your vehicle is important. Not only does it improve your safety, it improves the safety of others. Headlight bulbs wear out with age and use just like tires, shocks, and brakes. As the bulbs get older, they start to dim, putting less light on the road. This can create serious safety issues at night for all drivers.

Lights improve Visibility

The primary reason is usually attributed to poor driver vision caused by reduced light, which at night can be up to 70 percent. Since the human eye is not adapted for nocturnal vision, colors tend to disappear. Also the contrast fades away, and the oncoming light from other vehicles often blinds drivers. Night drivers can experience the feeling of shortsightedness and can also lose some depth perception.

The filament in a headlight bulb ages with use, time, and exposure to the elements. As a result, it becomes fragile and starts to deteriorate and this causes the light output to diminish. At the end of a typical service life, headlight bulbs will likely be projecting a much shorter and less powerful beam light, than when they were new.

This problem becomes even more critical with older drivers. The amount of light that the human eye needs to see properly increases exponentially with age. That means the older drivers get, the more light they typically need. This is because the lens of the human eye tends to become more opaque with age and reduces the amount of light the eye can receive.

Replace the headlights

The best way to ensure the best visibility is to replace your old headlight bulbs with new bulbs. Also make sure your headlight lenses are clear of any clouding and hazing. It is recommended replacing both headlight bulbs at the same time to ensure a properly lit road ahead. Better lighting will improve your vision and visibility at night, and in turn increase your safety and confidence as a driver. If you notice an issue with your headlights, contact us. We can inspect them to determine if a new set is needed.