Whether you have a sports car or a classic car, maintaining it after winters is crucial. Leaving your car inside storage for long periods may protect them but it could also lead to some problems when you try revving up your engine after months of inactivity. No matter how good you vehicle is, you must check your car for a few things to make sure it is good for the road. Here is an easy to follow checklist to make sure your car is ready for regular driving trips.

  • Examine the brake pads and shocks
  • Clean up the interior
  • Check the exhaust pipe for dirt and mice and clear it right away
  • Check the brights, tail lights, headlights and blinkers to see if they are working properly
  • Take a close look at the wiring and hoses. It would also help if you checked for rodent damage, cracks, loose connections and similar issues
  • Inspect your car for fluid leaks
  • Inspect he car’s oil levels and get a professional to replace old oil as soon as you can
  • Make sure your tires contain adequate PSI. It would also help if you looked for bulges, balding areas and cracks

Check these Things before Driving Your Car after a Long Winter

Brakes and Suspension

Many people tend to ignore their car’s tailpipe before bringing it out from storage. Make sure you check the tailpipe thoroughly to ensure it is free from dirt and debris. Giving your car some time to warm up would also be a good idea before going out for a drive. Don’t rush into changing gears once you start your car as it could cause damage.

Go for a twenty to thirty minute drive and look out for unusual sounds. If you do notice something strange, get a professional auto repair service to look into the matter right away.

Fluids and Tires

Driving a car with low PSI is a one way ticket to disaster and could lead to costly damages. Fortunately, you can avoid this issue quite easily, as all you need to do is check your car’s tires for air, wear and tear and punctures etc. It would also help if you got a professional to look at your vehicle’s fluids to check for warning signs and address the issue right away.

Below the Hood

It goes without saying that your car will stop working if its battery isn’t adequately charged. So, make sure you check underneath your car’s hood to see if your battery requires charging. While using a trickle charger inside storage is a good idea, it could lead to overcharging. Get a pro to check the battery before you head on out, making sure your car is in fine condition for the coming months.