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Less Driving means Less spent on Fuel


Driving less will mean that you are spending less on fuel. This is a result of sheltering at home so you are going to stores less. Since there is less traffic on the roads, you may notice that there is a record low price for gasoline. While you may have extra money, now is a great time to having your vehicle in for a regular maintenance inspection. Checking the vehicle bumper to bumper will help with making sure all the parts and components are working as they should be. It is always recommended to be aware of the vehicle when you drive. This can help prevent further damage.


Using the money you save on fuel can go towards the maintenance and care of your vehicle. It will also help to support the local auto repair shops. As hours may change, always make sure to call us for an appointment. We will be able to schedule an appointment to make sure your vehicle is operating safe and reliable. Remember that you will need to follow the oil change schedule so that the engine and moving parts are operating efficiently. Without oil, the engine can seize up and will stop working all together. During this we can check the oil filter as well.


As we check the oil and other fluids under the hood, we can also check the belts and hoses. This is important because with time, they can become brittle with age. If they break while you are driving, you will have an unexpected breakdown. If a belt is starting to wear, you may hear an odd loud pitch screech noise as the belt is in motion. A leak in a hose can be determined by a puddle under the vehicle. So always be aware of the area you park in, because you can notice if there is a leak. No matter what issues you may notice, you can always call us for an inspection.

April means Having the Vehicle Inspected


April is National Car Care Month, so make sure to contact us. By having the vehicle inspected now, you will be able to help prevent further issues. If you notice any odd noises or sounds, you will want to call us. By having a slight issue corrected now, you can save time and money in the long run. You will also be able to drive a safer and more reliable vehicle in the long run. Make sure that you follow the recommendation of maintenance for your vehicle. This way you can ensure all the parts and components are working as they should be.


As always, make sure that the tires are properly inspected. They will need to be fully inflated with air. If there are any issues with the tires going low, then you will want to make sure that you bring your vehicle in. This could mean there is a leak somewhere in the tire or rim. Also we can check the tread wear of each tire for you. If you feel the vehicle pulling in one direction or the other, it could be the tread has worn.


The oil should also be changed on a regular basis for your vehicle. This is the best way to help ensure that the engine is working properly and efficiently. If you hear odd noises or sounds, the oil may not be reaching the engine. Running the vehicle with low or poor oil can cause the engine to seize up completely. You will also want to have the oil filter changed every other oil change. Over time this will become clogged with dirt and debris. It will make it harder for the oil to pass through.


Check each light and blinker of your vehicle as well. This will not only help you see, but help others see where you are driving. The blinkers will alert other drivers when you plan on turning. Having lights and blinkers that work will help prevent the chance for an accident to occur.

Driving Restrictions



You will be limited on some of the things that you can and cannot do during this time. One ideal activity that you can do is to drive around. This will allow you to get out of the house while also staying safe. You will want to follow the recommendations in order to stay as healthy as possible. As the weather gets nicer out, this will help you to be outside. Besides talking a walk or going biking, you will be able to drive your car. You can also practice social distancing that way too.


In order to have an enjoyable ride, make sure your vehicle is working properly. If you hear of any odd noises or sounds, you will want to make sure to contact us. By noticing something early on, you can help prevent further problems and issues. Even during the Covid-19 situation, we are still open. We will want to make sure that you have a safe and reliable ride. No matter if you out for a nice drive, or needing to travel to and from work, we can inspect and repair your vehicle. For any further questions regarding our hours, please make sure to check out the link here:


Thank you, and stay safe and stay healthy!

This Spring make sure to check the Fluids


In the spring, there are several tasks that you should inspect for your vehicle. This is the best way to help ensure that everything is working efficiently. It will also help reduce any extra issues or problems with the vehicle. As the vehicle is maintained, it will help prolong the longevity and life of the vehicle. You can check when regular maintenance should be done for the car by looking in the owner’s manual. We can also advise you on what the proper schedule is that you should follow. Also be aware if there are any issues between visits. If you notice anything, always make sure to contact us as soon as possible.


You will want to remember to bring your vehicle in for regular oil changes. Having the oil changed will help improve the longevity of the engine. We can help to advise you when an oil change should be done. This can be determined based on how often you drive and what type of roads you drive on. The mileage is the most important factor of it. As the oil is changed, this will provide fresh clean oil to go through the engine. It will lubricate all the moving parts of the vehicle. Over time, the oil can get dirt and debris in it that causes issues.


Also remember to check all the other fluids in the vehicle as well. Transmission fluid, brake fluid, and coolant are all important to check for the vehicle. As these fluids are inspected, then you can help ensure that the vehicle is operating at the best performance level. If you notice any leaks for the system or a fluid, make sure that it is brought in. That way we can find the leak and have it inspected and repaired quickly for a reliable ride.

Check The Tires After the Snow melts


Make sure to check each tire on the vehicle after the winter months. Doing so can help you provide a safe and comfortable riding experience. If you notice any issues as you drive, always make sure to contact us as soon as possible. This way you can help prevent further problems in the long run. If there is a problem with one of the tires, it may also cause issues with other parts. It can also lead to an uncomfortable drive for you and your passengers. Even if the issue seems small, it is always best to contact us to check.


You will want to inspect the air pressure in each of the tires for your vehicle. If they are not properly inflated, they will have extra wear and stress to them. This can also lead them to wear out sooner than they otherwise should. If a tire is low on air often, you will want to bring it in. That way we can inspect that tire. We will also be able to check the other tires, including the spare tire. If a regular tire goes flat or blows out, you will need to rely on the spare until it is fixed. You will never want to drive on a tire with low air, as this will do further damage.


Also make sure that you have the tires aligned and rotated. This will help keep the tread wearing evenly as you drive. Tread that is uneven will start to cause long term issues and problems. One of the first things to notice is if the vehicle pulls in one direction or the other. This could be cause from a few different things, but it should be tire related. Make sure that you contact us so that we can inspect the vehicle and each tire for you.